Need Help ?

If you need assistance in your home or elsewhere and advice in dealing with the Paranormal affecting your family, please give us a shout. We will investigate your home and follow up at no charge whatsoever. All reports remain confidential between our group and the clients we deal we. Nothing is released without the client’s approval.

You can contact us at  We will follow up there by phone and a meeting if desired.

We have over 25 years of experiance in dealing in the paranormal field. Our group also can provide excellent references from present and past clients. We also work with the public helping inform the public about exactly what we de are presently working with many museums and historians. We have also done many public events from the Old Ottawa Jail with the Haunted Walk Folks, to the Rideau Canal Museum.

When looking for a group to join or to request an investigation, always request references and look at their case histories. Make sure they have data from past investigations on their website. A website absent of case histories usually indicates a group that does investigations only, but fail to follow up with the client to provide proper reports and assistance. All our evidence is presented with historical information about the location. We will not post tourist ghost stories and legends built up over the years. We go from facts , not from campfire Ghost tales.

We will also help you find a group in your area if requried. We have good relations with groups who operate in professional manner. Sadly, there are many groups that are fly by night, that do not follow up with evidence, that cause havoc on private property by trespassing, that burn bridges and post false evidence.  These groups with their dishonesty and sloppiness hurt the whole field. We know the ins and outs and will be happy to advise you on who and what to avoid.

Like any other service, always ask for references before inviting a team in.



Bytown Paranormal.



About bytownparanormal

We are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. We are a non-profit organization. We believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis. As researchers, it is important for us to help individuals understand what might be at work in their environment and help them manage it in a positive manner. I would like to mention to those new to this site that all "evidence" we upload here, can not be taken as clear cut representation of ghostly encounters. We upload everything we find and leave that to you to determine which is real and which is not. We hope we can be of service to you in the future. Our professionalism and experience, hopefully, can ease your worries and fears of the unknown. We here at Bytown Paranormal know you are our first concern in safety and peace of mind. We are serious in what we do. Dealing with the paranormal can be a tricky task. Is it really a spirit? Or not. Can it hurt me? What can I do to rid of it from my home? and most importantly, Is there anyone that can help so i don't feel like I'm going crazy or someone thinks I am. All important questions of which we will do our very best to help!
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